14 April 2011

United goes to Semifinal

Today was my last day school and I'll get one week day off *yelling*
Look what I've got here!!

Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea FC

photo: manutd.com

I think it's kinda late to post it now. Then, I think it's too cool to passed :)

I watched the match on Wednesday, with my Chelsea-fan Father (again). It was amazing, I think. And the coolest thing came at 77', when Drogba finally scored and made it 1-1. But then, still at 77', Park Ji-sung made The Old Trafford hailing his name.
"Typical Ji, The Lads love him."
-Michael Carrick

Berdasarkan sejarah, dalam sepuluh tahun terakhir, tim-tim yang berhasil mengalahkan Chelsea di babak knock-out, bakal berhasil melaju ke final dan bahkan mengangkat trofi. Baca fakta unik ini


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