26 April 2011

I've Got 2 AWARDS!!!

Woop woop!!
I've got two awards... I've got two awards... *singing*

Alright, actually I was kinda shocked when I visit my blog and saw two amazing bloggers give me two unbelievable messages. They said: "Congratulation, you've got an award!"
They asked me to pick the awards from their blog and post it in this blog.

Wow, I didn't really know about the reason why they gave me this awards. I really thank to them.

Okay, now, I will post and share it to you. But before it, you better check this two amazing blogger's who gave me this awards; Prilly and April "Big thanks, sist!! :D"

"Stylish Blogger Award"
I will give it to:
1. Ayu
2. April
3. Dhin-chan

"One Lovely Blog Award"
I'll give it to:
1. Prilly
2. Sekar
3. Elizabeth

Have fun with the awards, folks :)
Don't forget to send it to your blogger friends.

and, at least,
have a nice day :))))

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