25 February 2011

the things inside my bag

I always use my backpack when I go to school. It's blue-black colored, big and square shaped. And, i will tell you what will you find in my backpack...

1. my school book, I take 3 or 5 book every day.

2. a yellow binder, there's a sketch of me and Fathia made by Abi (she's a great anime maker anyway).
3. my wallet, it's red and with a little teddy bear.
4. my BB.
5. my Calculator, it's really useful and historical *lol*
6. a bottle of perfume, the important thing after had sport class.
7. a little comb.
8. my handkerchief, really help me when I got cold.

The things that I wish inside my bag...

1. ticket to Old Trafford, I want two.

2. The Sims 3 CD
3. a lot of cash *lol*

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