5 March 2011

What's up on this week??

really miss you, guys. I had a busy week, that's why I can't post it regularly.

I have so many exciting things (maybe, absurd things) this week. Start with "Webcaming on Research Class". It happened last Monday with Me and Fathia. We sat quite near of the teacher table. And it was so cool when Miss Yetty (our research teacher) didn't know about that.
Haha, I will show you the pictures :

Ami, me and Fathia

The second is about "Deutsch Klasse". I got Germany for my Foreign Language class. Ich finde Deutsch ist interessant *eaaa*, hehe. The teacher asked us to memorize so many noun with the "Artikel".
e.g :
Das Buch (ein Buch) : Book (a book)
Der Kuli: Pen (a pen)
Die Blume (eine Blume) : Flower (a flower)

das/der/die are the "
Artikel". Frau Dame (my Germany teacher) said that der used for "Maskulin" or "Male" noun, das used for "Netral" noun, and die used for "Feminim" or "Female" noun. Yeah, a thing has a gender in Germany. hehe.

The funny thing is when you find "a skirt" in Germany.

skirt : der Rock
Skirt is a female stuff but in Germany skirt is male. Cool, eh? =D

The third is "A Rat in Chemistry Class". It happened on last Friday. When Mam Pri (my chemistry teacher) wrote something bout Redoks, one of my classmate, Winanda, was screamed like this:

"Iiih, Tikuuus! Itu, serius, ada tikus tadi nongol di belakang lemari!!"
"Eeeeww, Raaaat! Seriously, there was a rat on the back of cupboard!!"

Everybody in the class was shocked and screaming too. We put our legs up on the chair until the end of class.

P.S : Next week I will have the mid semester exam and emmm, wish me the best, guys :)

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