22 February 2011

The Facts 'Bout Me

Hey, peoples.
Yeah, I have no mood last time. And it was really sucks. And, yeah, ignore my last post. I just shocked when I saw some haters throw their rubbish on my blog *ashskjfjsdhfjagjk*

Okay, 10 facts 'bout me, *I was inspired by my friend who wrote this topic too on her blog*
Just start it...

1. I have big allergic to Chocolate. It happened since I was 3th. So sucks, huh?
2. I can't being away from my computer... and the Internet.
3. I love to keep my secrets by my self.
4. I'm a talkative girl. And, I can't control this one.
5. I'm not a graceful and girly one. I can't take care of my body and things around me for sure.
6. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the most weird ever.
7. I never had a relationship with a boy before *asjdhskdfjlsjfkskajh* *cereal-man is laughing at me*
8. I planned diet so many times, but I always failed to do it.
9. I'm a childish one. In fact I'm the oldest child in my family.
10. I don't like a vegetables. Don't ask me to be vegetarian.

Ask me anything...

Q : your favorite song?
A : I have many--
Q : just one.
A : Okay, Marry Me by Train.

Q : your favorite football player?
A : you don't have to ask it. You know the answer for sure.

Q : your weight?
A : hey, you sucks!!

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