9 June 2011


Whooaaa, it's been a long time no posting here. I was busy to prepared my final test. I didn't have much time to write anything here.
But today, the final test was end and, just forget about the remedials, I'm officially FREE!!
I'm going to have two weeks holiday after the Report. I don't have any holiday plans yet. Any advice?? :)

Just for an additional info: I'm back on Tumblr.
Wanna check it out? Click here.



QraZee said...

Hey you :) How was your final exams? Uhmm...why am I so excited? lol anyway....about your holiday destination...I love scuba diving, it's like you goin in a different world...so peace and amazingly beautiful down there. u should try it urself ;)

Adhila Kiasatina said...

fiuuh, it's like the final test took my freedom away.
Thanks for ur advice anyway :)

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