21 May 2011

Sad-turday with the piled up tasks

I'm always waiting for Saturday, the day that I could sleep as long as I wanted and wake up on 08.00 a.m every week. But this Saturday is the saddest Sad-turday ever.
I have to finish all of my task before the deadline. And hell-yea, the deadline comes on next Monday. It beautifully destroyed my weekends !@#$%^&*()_+

"Gaspol-ing homework,"
-Fathia Perdata via. msn

Just a minute ago, Tumi, one of my research team, text me like this:
"Dhil, inget research!"
(Dhil, remember the research task!)
Yeah, don't ask me about that, our research task is still unfinished. And I think, we're going to finish it on Sunday. It means, I wouldn't have any Sun-day tomorrow *sigh*

photo credit: The Fame Monster

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