17 March 2011

30 Days Challenge: Day #01

Hey, readers wherever you are.
I got one day off (again) for tomorrow and now... I will post my first day challenge.

It's about A Recent Picture of You and 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself. I've been posted this topic on this blog before, maybe one of you have seen it. But, if you don't, don't worry, I will post it twice :)

1. I have big allergic to Chocolate. It happened since I was 3th. So sucks, huh?
2. I can't being away from my computer... and the Internet.
3. I love to keep my secrets by my self.
4. I'm a talkative girl. And, I can't control this one.
5. I can't take care of my body and things around me for sure.
6. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the most weird ever.
7. I'm a football freak, have got a big crush on Manchester United FC.
8. I planned diet so many times, but I always failed to do it.
9. I'm a childish one. In fact I'm the oldest child in my family.
10. I don't like any vegetables. Don't ask me to be vegetarian.
11. Sometimes, I laughing for unfunny things.
12. I used to 'joged-joged' when I'm feeling happy.
13. Nobody can disturb me when I'm having my sleeping time.
14. I used to think about my whole day before I fall asleep.
15. I'm a moody person.

P.S : Sorry for the unclear photos XD

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