13 December 2010

Orang Gila di Omegle

Gue ketemu orang, gatau darimana. Baru say 'hi' langsung bilang gini :
You: hi
Stranger: Hey there.
Stranger: What Superhero would you most like to be?
You: RA Kartini.
You: you know her?
Stranger: Nope
You: I bet you dont.
You: lol.
You: asl?
Stranger: That's not a superhero, faggot
Stranger: Don't come at me with your senior school bulshit
Stranger: You're only using her to look intelligent
You: You say like that bcoz u dont know her.
Stranger: You probably learned about her in history
You: Come to Jepara, Indonesia, and you will know her.
You: everybody there know her.
Stranger: Womens rights are shit
Stranger: Women don't deserve rights
You: You such a jerk if u say like that.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Gue pengen ngakak bacanya!!! :D

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